Plama B
Technical Features
Attractive The large lit product display panel and eye-catching design maximises impulse buys. Easy to use Vending modules that are simple to prepare, convenient product case support, simple programming and easily-changed product and price decals. Technology Built as a “State-of-the-art” product, the Palma incorporates its own diagnostic system, a clear lit alphanumeric display, easy access to critical components and flexibility in choice of coin mechanism or payment system. Flexible Adaptable to meet your needs. A universal extraction system developed for cans, glass or PET bottles, combined with column association programming and easily changed product and price decals, means the Palma is the best way to vend cold drinks. Secure A galvanised steel body, an anti-pry door surround, steel selection buttons and a three-point door anchorage with high security lock, makes vandalism difficult and protects your profits. Reliability Over sixty years of accumulated knowledge, combined with Azkoyen’s programme of continuous investment in Research and Development and the latest production techniques, means peace of mind in terms of product reliability.