Technical Features
The currenza c2 - coin changer makes your vending machine more profitable & reliable – and your customer more satisfied. Reliability: Latest NRI validation technology, with patented new sensor system and 40 measurements of coin parameters

Unique Payout Redundancy Protection (PRP) system: 3 independent payout motors and the 6 tube cassette system offer maximum payout security and minimises machine down time; because 1 motor controls 2 tubes – in the unlikely case of a motor jam there are still 4 coin tubes for payout available

Extremly reliable optical sensor system with industry leading operating temperature of -25 to +80 °C guarantees reliable operation independent of environmental conditions
PProfitability 3 independant motors, with payout of up to 3 coins simultaneously at up to 6 coins/s minimises transaction times

4 user interfaces fulfilling individual requirements – c2 blue: with display and keys, c2 green: with keys, c2 white : without keys or display, c2 orange: without keys and display but with internal IrDA

HENRI service module with SIM card slot for simple and quick programming & currency updates needed for c2 green, white and orrange

6 self filling tubes reduce refilling needs; c2 optimiser provides optimum set-up of payout configuration & float levels for less cash stock in the c2
Flexibility Cassette system with 6 tubes:

Acceptance & payout of all the world’s circulation coins

Additional maximum capacity of low replenishing coin denominations

Huge range of potential payout configurations

22 % higher change capacity then other 6 tube coin changers

User-friendly intuitive menu structure for individual configuration
Additional features Robust coin cassette, can be replaced even while completely filled

Water penetration protection of internal components

Easy & fast access to sorting area for easy cleaning
Options Currenza airport : Integrated alarm and audit solution providing alarm text messages and digital remote data transmission of vending machine data

Currenza Security : Integrated security sensors observing coin cassette and validator, guarantees 24/7 cash anti-theft protection

c2 ccTalk: c2 with integrated ccTalk interface for the direct connection of up to 4 coin hoppers – perfect for maximum coin payout

c2 USB: directly connects to PC
The currenza c2: Experience the next generation of coin changer and optimise your vending machine operation.